Jail Ministry

The Jail Ministry is an outreach to the male inmates at the Juneau County Jail (Jail) in Mauston, WI.

The purpose of the ministry is to: Provide an opportunity for inmates to sing praises on to the Lord and hear the preaching of God’s word every Sunday afternoon in a room provided by the jail. Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all inmates that attend. Pray that inmates come to a genuine saving faith alone in Jesus Christ. Make available Bibles to all inmates that attend Sunday afternoon services.
Encourage inmates to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ. Encourage the inmates in the Jail’s Huber program, which receive approval from Jail officials, to attend the FBC Reformers Unanimous chapter meetings every Friday night in New Lisbon (FBC provides transportation). Provide feedback to the officials at the jail regarding those inmates attending the Reformers Unanimous meetings. Encourage the inmates to have their families contact the church regarding services, spiritual needs or other needs. (In order to avoid unforeseen legal issues FBC does not initiate contact with inmate families). Encourage inmates to attend FBC or another Bible preaching church of like faith and practice after they are released from jail. Encourage the inmates to have their families attend FBC or another Bible preaching church of like faith and practice.

The activities used to accomplish the ministry’s purposes are: Bringing to the inmates many aspects of a church service on Sunday afternoon. This includes having a time of singing, prayer, and especially the preaching of God’s Word. Providing to those individuals who sign up for Bible study a booklet that addresses the basic doctrines of a Biblically based Christian faith, including Salvation, Baptism, Church Membership, Tithing, Prayer and much more. Inviting the inmates to attend FBC services when they are released. Teaching the inmates Biblical principles that encourage them to live out a new found faith in Jesus Christ, which includes encouraging inmates to take their families to FBC services or another Bible preaching church of like faith and practice when they are released. Providing transportation, materials and personnel to meet with the qualifying Huber inmates on Friday nights at Reformers Unanimous. Conducting Bible studies and answering Bible questions with inmates that sign up for such on Friday or Saturday nights. Providing inmates with information about Reformers Unanimous chapters and Bible preaching churches in other areas of Wisconsin or in other states where the inmates are returning or being relocated to. Undergirding all these activities is the continual prayer support offered by the congregation of the First Baptist Church.

A male member of the church in good standing may become involved in this ministry after receiving permission from the pastor and discussing it with the Jail Ministry Coordinator.

This ministry would not be possible without the cooperation, accommodations provided and kind help of the Juneau County Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department has gone out of its way to allow FBC to provide the many aspects of this ministry. FBC is very grateful for all the help it has received and continues to receive from the Sheriff Department’s employees.

Pray that the LORD will raise up personnel and especially provide an opportunity for FBC to minister to the female inmates at the Jail.